Hauts-de-France borders Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) to the northeast, the North Sea to the north, the English Channel to the west as well as the French regions of Grand Est to the east-southeast, Ile-de-France to the south and Normandy to the west-southwest. It is connected directly to the United Kingdom via the Channel Tunnel.

Major communities include Lille (the capital), Amiens, Arras, Dunkirk, Calais and Beauvais. Smaller, but with a deeply rich cultural heritage, are the towns of Chantilly, Senlis and Compiegne.

Hauts-de-France is also home to the Western Front – the main theatre of war during the First World War. Here are situated the towns of Amiens and Arras as well as the small villages of Villers-Bretonneux, Fromelles, Bullecourt, Thiepval, Pozieres, Naours, Vignacourt, Le Hamel and Peronne, all entwined so very deeply in the history of the ANZAC’s.